Antibacterial Wipes Hand Sanitizer Wipes

1. CONTAINS ALOE TO SOOTHE AND MOISTURIZE DRY SKIN. The hand sanitizing wipes antibacterial contain aloe that helps to clean the hands and keep the skin clean, moisturized and feeling soft and clean. Antibacterial cleaning wipes are a must have essential item for everyone, men, women, adults and children, especially for anyone looking for antibacterial hand sanitizer wipes and antibacterial wipes travel.
2. RESEALABLE POUCHES MAKE THEM GREAT TO HAVE EVERYWHERE. The anti-bacterial wipes in the resealable pouch make the perfect to have with you everywhere at home, office, work or travel. Great to use as an alternative to liquid hand sanitizers that may spill into a purse, pouch, bag, pocketbook or briefcase. These anti bacterial wipes are a must have essential item when in public transit system, train, bus, taxi or other vehicle or even when at a meeting, at the gym, or using a public toilet.
3. VALUE PACK 210 ANTIBACTERIAL WET WIPES IN 3 POUCHES, EACH WITH 70 DISPOSABLE WIPES. Each set includes 3 pouches each with 70 hand wipes. Keep one at home one in the car or auto and one in the office to use anytime you need a hand sanitizer wipe. These anti bacterial hand wipes are a must have essential item for personal protection, safety and health. You never know when you may need a sanitizer wipe, so be prepared and get them now while they are available in this value pack.
4. PERFECT GIFT FOR ANYONE AND EVERYONE AT ALL TIMES. If you are looking for the perfect gifts for men, gifts for women, or gift for anyone be it a birthday gift, christmas gift, stocking stuffer, house warming gift, gifts for co-workers, or even a last minute gift, then this santizier wipes antibacterial will do the trick and make the receive appreciate you. Go ahead and get these value packed hand wipes antibacterial now.

Moisturizing Cleaning Wipes


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