96 Pack of 3.4 Fl Oz (500 Ml) Hand Sanitizer Gel

1. 96 PACK OF 3.4 Fl Oz (100 Ml) BOTTLES – Bulk Hand Sanitizer Value Pack of Ninty Six 3.4 Fluid Ounces (100 Milliliter) Bottles of Hand Sanitizing Gel that Kills Germs and Bacteria. Quick Drying Gel Hand Sanitizers with 70% Alcohol is effective and fast drying. These 3.6 Fl Oz mini hand sanitizer bulb are great to carry with you in your pocket, purse, car, auto. truck ready to use anytime,anywhere. Mini hand sanitizer is a small hand sanitizer and is great give to employees and workers.
2. PERFECT TRAVEL SIZE HAND SANITIZER to have an carry with you when you travel in an airplane, car, auto, train, subway, bust or anywhere. you need to have a travel hand sanitizer. The mini hand sanitizer bulk are small hand sanitizer travel size that can purchased in bulk to give away to your customers at car dealerships, stores, restaurants, bars, gyms, banks and more. The mini hand sanitizer bottles is a portable hand sanitizer and ideaal to use as an everyone hand sanitizer.
3. A MUST HAVE GEL SANITIZER FOR PERSONAL PROTECTION AND SAFETY. It is almost a necessity nowadays to have a hand sanitizer liquid gel handy with you at all times, These samll hand santizer bottles are the perfect solution, as the are samll and yet pack a lot of alcohol gel hand sanitizer in them. Do not leave home with them and also have them at home all the time.
4. WASH FREE, FAST DRY, CLEAR CARE HAND SANITIZER FOR ADULTS, KIDS AND CHILDREN. The portable hand sanitizer are perfect personal hand sanitizer to use a anywhere and every where there is no soap and water available as these are a necessity nowaday and a must have for individual personal hygiene and to stay healthy and prevent illness. It is easy to control the amount of sanitizer gel dispensing amount makes it perfect for the gym, classroom, kitchen, bathroom, entryway or desktop.

Hand Sanitizer Gel

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