Reusable Cloth Face Masks Washable – 6 Pcs

1. The cute random assorted colored or printed designs face masks make breathing easier and help to identify your face mask when you have to eat with or around other people in a lunch room or dinner table at home, office or workplace. Cute random assorted colors and prints face coverings make a fashion statement. 6 Piece set of face masks 4 to 5 random colors, patterns and designs.

2. Each reusable face mask, breathing mask, is made of cloth so they can be washed and used over and over again. These are non medical masks, and are washable and reusable over and over again. Each half face mask can be used as a mouth mask, nose mask to help cover and protect from pollution, smoke paint, dust, and contaminants in the air and act as a safety mask, nose filter mask, and air pollution mask.

3. Each of the fabric face coverings dust masks, pollution mask has ear loops make them suitable for everyone to wear including men, women, seniors, teenagers, kids and children. High to cover the mouth and nose and be used as mouth masks, nose mask, or half face mask.

4. For adults, men, women, kids and children in 4 to 6 assorted random prints and or colors that vary at random in each set of 6 pcs.. Each set of the re-usable washable facemasks include 4 to 6 random assorted styles, colors and prints. Great for use as kids mask for parties, and halloween gifts for kids, halloween gifts for adults

Mouth Nose Coverings

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