10 Pictures That Prove Pugs Are The Best Dogs If You Have Young Children

Facts That Prove Pugs Are The Best Dogs If You Have Young Children

  • Pugs have a captivating appearance. They are prone to really funny expressions, and also they have an endearing character. They are highly very intelligent, that makes it very easy to see why they are a preferred selection for a household animal or a single person seeking a charming buddy.
  • Pugs are suitable for families with children because they are very playful and patient with children. The form of their mouth prevents them from biting hard which is a key safety factor around kids.
  • Pugs are amongst one of the most passive type of dog and gentle in nature. They will tolerate children prodding them but will walk away quietly if they are annoyed. Nonetheless, they are very easy to train, especially as puppies, and can be quite stubborn.

Generally, pugs live about 12-14 years, but can live well beyond their typical life expectancy with proper care, exercise, and nutrition.

pug dog

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