Start your Hemp Cigarette brand with this private label hemp cigarette manufacturer

Private Label Hemp Cigarettes Are The New CBD Business Rockstars

Start your own hemp cigarettes with our private label manufacturing service

You can download a FREE private label hemp cigarette whitepaper to get started

Get the 15-page CBD Business & Hemp Cigarettes White Paper Here: and discover what is the best CBD business in the USA and why. Hemp farming is not it; CBD tinctures and creams are out. CBD and hemp stocks and investments are hot right now.

So many investors and entrepreneurs invested their time and money into hemp farming and CBD businesses that they overflowed the market. Now Hemp is 90% off, and farmers are stuck with all of their crops.

Same for over the counter CBD businesses. The large, greatly funded businesses are coming into the industry with massive budgets, and the small entrepreneurs will be squeezed out in 2020.

So what can you do? The first thing you should do is have more and better information, for this, you can download our Hemp and CBD industry whitepaper with the link at the top, it will show you how much the hemp smokable industry is growing compared to the rest of the CBD business opportunities.

This video is a test of the machine running 20-packs at a speed of 1.5 million packs per month. Are you looking for a CBD hemp cigarette manufacturing partner? We offer logistics, mentoring, research and development, and everything you need to get started if you are ready to start your CBD business or grow it with hemp smokables?

Our offices, warehouse and manufacturing is in San Diego, CA.

You can contact the CEO, Sandro Piancone at:
Phone: (775) 473 1201

If you want to come in for a visit and tour, just call us and we’ll schedule it.

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