How To Get Free Bitcoin

There are four techniques you can use to get free Bitcoins legally.

1. Play online games

You can find some online and mobile games that reward players in Bitcoins. The only downside is these gaming sites are full of lengthy ads that frequent-ly interrupt the game.
Some casinos accept bitcoins but you will have to spend fiat currency until you win a pot.

2. Perform online services

Some online jobs do pay in bitcoins. Some of these jobs often include taking surveys, testing websites, and retweeting posts. The pay is usually minimal but it is an easy way to get started investing in cryptocurrency.

3. Earn Bitcoins by reading books

A surprising way to earn free bitcoins is by reading classic novels. If you love reading the classics, you might want to consider getting paid to do it with cryp-tocurrency.

4. Write about cryptocurrency

Several websites are looking for writers to add content to their blogs. Just by writing about cryptocurrency, you can get paid in free bitcoins. However, the posts you supply have to be high-quality to be accepted by the website. If the article isn’t accepted, you won’t receive any compensation.

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